BAT60 startet nicht korrekt

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    • BAT60 startet nicht korrekt

      Kannst du mit mir darüber reden?
      - natürlich die neueste Version von 6.089
      - Batterieplatte fw v6.01 - voll aufgeladen
      - der letzte Funktionszustand - der Flug und dann der Standardsender OFF
      - Die interne microSD-Karte ist in Ordnung und wird Block für Block extern überprüft - ok
      - der Update-Vorgang von USB kann nicht gestartet werden - Video (USB format FAT32-BAT60_6089.tar.gz)
      - Der Sender kann nur durch einen harten Reset von 20 Sekunden ausgeschaltet werden

      Bitte helfen Sie TMS, Maggi ...

        (120,98 MB, 27 mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: )
    • Hi Lukas,

      i guess it´s better to continue communication in english to avoid missunderstandings due to translation-related problems...

      As far as I could see in your video, the LINUX in your BAT60 isn´t able to find the flight controller any more.
      Your LINUX seems to boot without any issues, so the microSD card doesn´t seem to be your problem.

      When you want to switch of the BAT via software-button (right-most soft-button in the bottom row), it asks the FC
      it there is an active RF connection to a receiver. But there is no answer from the FC and thus, the power-function
      times out, nothing happens for security reasons.
      When you do the long-press procedure, all security features are overridden and the charge-board cuts the power after
      that approx. 20 secs. delay time.

      The communication between the LINUX Board (on LINDIS) and the flight controller is done via serial links.
      Either your connections are physically bad, which can maybe be fixed by doing some plugging cycles of the LINDIS or you have a
      software problem. I can´t remember that I ever had a BAT6x with such a connection problem on my desk...

      But I remember a similar situations where the FC MCUs had a bad/broken firmware in them. This mostly happens when an
      update was interrupted or has failed in some how. The solution was then to reflash the firmware of the broken MCUs.
      I fixed some BATs this way already. It doesn´t happen that much to the BATs but it can happen.

      The LINUX in the BAT6x assumes a running firmware in the flightcontroller in oder to do an update. It is not able to do a programming of the flight controller MCUs from ground up ("low level ISP")

      You can also try to do a hardware-reset of the housekeeper-MCU. But this is risky if you are not familar with MCUs and electronics.
      If you are familar with it, then you already know what I mean. If not, send me a PM via email.

      best regards


      PS: Are you able to control the last loaded model with your BAT ? (regardless of the fact that LINUX can´t find the FC)
    • to Maggi:
      I tried two USB keys, the one on the video 512MB Kingston and the other one 8GB Sandisk, of course complete deleted partitions and create a new one and formated:
      tested FAT32 format - in Windows 10
      tested FAT32 format - in Linux Mint (GParted)
      each time only one separate update file on one USB key.

      It is not possible to start (boot) from USB key of any of them (6.089, 6.08, 6.06) after Power ON - same as in video

      to TMS:
      I'm not able to turn off the transmitter standardly (tap to right bottom icon on display and then push the power off button - It's seen on the video) - I can Power OFF BAT60 only by hard reset, push and hold the Power button 10-20sec and then 1sec.
      I think for that reason, the next boot after hard reset will not be booted from the external USB key ?

      Last loaded model can not be controlled, I can not even create a new model!
      I think there is a problem in the firmware as you write.
      I do not have any experience with MCU reset .
      There is something I can do about it myself ?

      Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe !

    • Hi Lukas,

      (have just returned from a business trip, sry for the delay)

      the shutdown type (hard off / soft off) doesn´t have any influences on the next boot...

      Over the distance and according to your writing, I suggest you have a firmware-problem in one of the MCUs of the fligt controller board. As I wrote, I fixed some of these in the past. Some MCUs were damaged by applaying the incorrect update file, others by interrupting the update process...

      The only thing left to do in your case seems to me that you send me your BAT60 and I will re-programm the MCUs . After that, all should be as it was before...
      If you want to proceed this way, send me a PM via this forum. We can then discuss further what to do via email.

      Best regards